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​Our Story

The inspiration for this company came from a thin statured African American/Cherokee Indian women, who shared her home and life with her two sons, their wives and eight grandchildren.

This special woman was my grandmother. She had a unique name or should I say many names to include, Emma, Dora, Della, Estella, Lugener, Isabella Moore – Heard. 

Everyone called her Mama Gene, so in her honor we named the company Lugener’s Affair. Mama Gene was very talented and creative. She hand made all our clothes from start to finish; drafting patterns, creating designs and pressing the finished garment. She used whatever fabric was available including, the white, decorative baking flour sack. She created craft projects for us to do and taught us to neatly cover our school text books with brown paper bags.  At the age of eight, she let me sit on her lap and guide the fabric as she pressed the foot pedal of her sewing machine. She taught me to design clothing by first drafting my own pattern from newspaper. 

By my teenage years, Mama Gene allowed me to sew for our family and friends. She was very particular about color schemes, texture of fabrics and she always helped me choose what type of garments to make. Mostly she instilled in me to be patient and make each garment as if I was making it for myself.  During this time, my designs were entered in school and community fashion shows. It was then that I realized the need to expand my fashion designing to include floral arrangements and interior design. Floral arrangements and decorating was a special talent of my Aunt Lillie Bell. She taught me how to arrange flowers and to decorate for all types of events. Her guidance enhanced my abilities and made me well versed in all aspects of event planning. I’ve made the garments and decorated facilities for weddings, school activities, church events, anniversaries, etc. 

My dream has always been to create beauty in what I see. These two women gave me my start, making my dream a reality.


Aisha Newton

I am the Co-Director of Lugener’s Affairs. My passion lies in transforming spaces and making things beautiful. I find joy in creating that special day, which every bride envisions. It is my desire that she feel like her wedding day is unique and everything she ever imagined. My ultimate job is to make that day spectacular. Being a part of Lugener’s Affairs, I am truly blessed to do the thing I love the most, “CREATE A DREAM”


Clarinda Scott

I have over thirty years of event planning experience. I completed courses in fashion sewing, fashion structure and personal imagine at Clayton State Jr. College. I received my Bridal Consultant Certification from the Professional Career Development Institute, School of Bridal Consulting. Through the years, I have assisted clients by providing planning advice, consultations, being present at events, directing rehearsals and weddings, and making sure all decorations are uniquely  designed, giving ultimate attention to details. I’m passionate about what I do and feel it is a blessing to be apart of one of the most memorable days of someone’s life.